Pier Health launches new patient tool ‘askmyGP’

Pier Health launches new patient tool ‘askmyGP’

On January 8th 2019, Tudor Lodge Surgery in Weston-super-Mare launched a new online service called ‘askmyGP’, which allows GPs to control their day by deciding whether patients can be simply contacted directly or offered a face-to-face appointment. The tool means patients can see their GP at a time that’s convenient to both them and their doctor, as well as enabling more cost- and time-effective GP-patient contact by phone or email.

Since the launch of ‘askmyGP’, patient satisfaction has risen sharply and instances of Did Not Attend (DNA) have dramatically decreased. The change has allowed GPs to focus more on streamlining processes and priorities without reducing the quality of their overall care.

Other surgeries in the Pier Health super-partnership have been rolling out ‘askmyGP’ and continued positive patient feedback is expected in the months ahead.


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