Meet…Daryl Hodgson!

Meet…Daryl Hodgson!

Daryl, tell me a little bit about how your day starts and ends on a working day?

Starts with coffee, always coffee! I log on to check my tasks and labs and start to sort through my list. I’m usually keen to get cracking, so I like to make a quick start. It ends with a quick check I’m all done, logging off and coming home to see my kids!! Always greeted at the door with a hug!

Give us some insight into your role – what are the unknown unknowns in your job?

As an Advanced Paramedic Practitioner in Primary Care, we all know it is a new and evolving role. Exciting times really. I see a wide demographic of patients, and I’m always keen to progress my Practice. Most recently, I’ve been entering into to realms of minor surgery! Simply put, I just don’t know how the next consultation will go. Patients tend to have a habit of keeping me on my toes.

Daryl Hodgson

How long have you been working at 168 medical and what is the best and worst thing about your job?

I’ve been here just under two years. And I must be honest, it was the best decision – I bought into 168’s ideals, and the people here are brilliant. They put up with me so they must be! It’s just a great practice to work at. COVID has been very challenging for us all, but by far the worst thing is the coffee!! We need better coffee…I think we deserve it!

What are your hopes and concerns for Pier Health Group?

One of the reasons I came to the PCN was the opportunity. Pier was new and the Practices were changing, so I saw an opportunity to really influence and improve the way paramedics work in Primary Care. I hope we can attract talented practitioners to the PCN, with new innovative ways of working and accessing advanced frameworks.

Pier, like the rest of the NHS, has been hugely impacted by COVID, and we are doing amazing work, thanks to its hard-working staff and leadership. I’m concerned we may lose sight of staff support and development because we feel operational workloads won’t allow it. Retention of staff is so important, now more than ever.

If your friends and family were to describe you in 5 words, what would those words be and why?

My Wife: stubborn!! (I’M NOT, I’M REALLY NOT!) My children would say I’m silly, and that, I am.

My friends would say I’m loyal, and my brother says I’m complex…let’s not open that can of worms!

My boss should say I’m hardworking and ambitious. If she doesn’t, I guess I’ll settle for the coffee.

My guilty pleasure is Grey’s Anatomy, 2 episodes a night! It’s great CPD.

If I had superpowers, I would: Be Telepathic!! Just imagine the possibilities. Not to mention my consults would be easier!

The coolest job on the planet is: Paramedic, right? What other job can you say you have responded to terror attacks, saved lives, abseiled down cliffs and genuinely helped the less fortunate in their hour of need. And not to mention you get to drive a NEE NOOR! It’s a pleasure, it really is…

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